A Spooky Encounter at Relative’s Place in Bidar

This happened with me and my cousin somewhere around the end of last December. I was in school, and my Christmas vacations were going on. So, Our family, along with my dad’s brothers’ family decided to visit their sister who lives in Bidar (Karnataka).

There were about eight of us. After dinner, my aunt (my dad’s sister) took us to her old house where we could spend the night comfortably. It was late at night. Me and my cousin, along with our families were waiting outside as my aunt said she needed to clean the place a bit. A while later, our dads and moms went in to help them, leaving me and my cousin standing outside.

Near to the house, we spotted a big tree, and it had a rubber tyre swing attached to it. We were getting bored, so we went ahead and took turns playing on it. After a couple of minutes, I felt a sudden urge to pee. So, when my cousin was playing on the swing, I went inside the house, without telling him.

When I came back outside, I saw my aunt holding my cousin, who was crying loudly. I ran towards them and asked my cousin whether he had fallen from the swing. But my aunt cut me in and asked me very sternly, “Amol, you were the one swinging the swing, right?”. I refused saying I had gone inside the house to pee. However,  my aunt looked at me angrily, her eyes got big – I realized she wanted me to say yes – so I said yes.

Later that night, I asked my cousin what exactly happened with him on the swing. He told me that when he was sitting on that swing, he felt as if somebody pushed him from behind and then, the swing went out of control and started swinging by itself. This was (and is) the scariest experience of my life.

A Personal Encounter by Amit (Maharashtra, Nashik | Karnataka, Bidar)

Article Name
A Spooky Encounter at Relative's Place in Bidar
Near to the house, we spotted a big tree, and it had a rubber swing attached to it.

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