About IHT

Thanks a million for visting this page – we thought you’d never find time to get to know us better! 😛

We are IndianHorrorTales.com (lovably known as IHT) – a user-generated content repository of personal encounters, myths & legends, fictional stories, photos and videos related to paranormality. In short, we spook you! We have been online since the past 3 years in the form of our blog, which you all loved and cared for. Now you have an entire website to yourselves – read, write, share, participate – have all the spooks that you can.

We are not a paranormal investigation team, neither are we challenging any individual, community or belief system. We are simply compiling user contributed content and maintaing this repository of cool spooky stuff. We hate it when people take us in a wrong sense.

For ages, India has been known for its myths and legends – great kings, fierce battles, Gods Vs Demons and monuments that say it all – the journey never ends! Every grain of Indian sand tells its own story – if it could speak – it would tell you of the mystic years it has seen, and rich places where it has been!

Ghosts? Of yes – India has its own league of paranormal superheroes! They’ve got vampires and zombies – we have had chudails, rakshasas, munjas and jins for ages. Theirs’ resided in caves and castles – ours have forts and forests of their own. They’ve got exorcists, we’ve our Mantriks.

For years, India missed it’s own Spooksville on the Internet – we are honored to create one. Thanks to our readers and writers, we are able to record and publish stories that the entire world craves to read/see.

With your support and active participation, we pledge to keep this website ever-fresh and deliver the coolest of the spooks, exclusively for you.


Happy Haunting,
Team IHT!