IndianHorrorTales’ first ever podcast!

A big hello to all fellow IHTians!

We’re really excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever podcast by in June (date & time TBA very soon). This would also be India’s first ever podcast on this topic – cheers to all of you for enabling us to do this.

Being our first podcast (and more to follow on a regular basis), this one would take a holistic look at the different elements of supernaturality in India, and how this has been a part of our culture for ages. The podcast will be an hour filled with spooks, discussion, fun and nostalgia about Indian horror stories, myths and legends – it is meant to look at supernatural from an information/entertainment perspective. Of course, as always, we will NOT be discussing or promoting any superstitions, controversies or topics of sensitive nature.

What’s more – we are inviting you to share your spooky encounters, or ask questions (through the form below) that will be discussed by us, along with a couple of guests on board. We are also inviting people who would like to be a part of this podcast – folks who would like to share their experiences, or have some interesting thoughts on Indian ghost stories and legends. Of course, we have limited seats and we would be accepting invites on a first come, first served basis – so hurry, use the form below to register for the podcast!

Here’s a brief agenda for the podcast –

  • A small intro about, and the journey so far
  • India & Supernaturality
  • Media, Books & Bollywood
  • Discussion on shared stories and questions

Wish to submit a story or question?

  • Use the form below to submit your story or question
  • Please ensure that your story/question does not relate to, promote or offend a person, place, community or entity (in general). Try to mask identifiable details.
  • Owing to the limitation of time, we would not be able to cover all the stories/questions – please forgive us if we are not able to discuss your story
  • Please ensure that your stories/questions are submitted by Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wish to be a part of this podcast?

  • We are inviting people who have had supernatural experiences, or have thoughts or opinions on paranormality, or those who like to investigate such encounters
  • Please use the form below to register for the podcast – due to limitation of time and resources, we would be able to accommodate very few people (on a first come, first served basis) – so hurry – register yourself now
  • This being our first podcast, we would be using a regular Skype group call to host this podcast – so please ensure that you have a fast internet connection, and the latest version of Skype installed on your computer/phone. You can download the latest version here. Also, please have a headphone (with mic) ready to facilitate a clearer conversation.
  • The topics, questions and stories (shared by users) will be shared with you in advance, so that you get ample time to formulate your thoughts and opinions on them
  • The podcast will be recorded in advance and would then be edited and enhanced for optimal user experience. The time of recording would be conveyed to you in advance.
  • IHT is not about promoting wrong notions about paranormality, or to offend anyone. So, please ensure that your contribution does not identify with or offend any person, place, entity or community. Try to mask identifiable details.

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IndianHorrorTales' first ever podcast

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