Attacked by a Daayan (Witch)

My name is Vikar and the story I am going to tell you happened to me about 15 years back (I was 17 at that time). I was an amateur pehlwan (an Indian wrestler – Pehlwani is a type of Indian martial art) and was devoted to extensive workouts at the akhara (wrestling school), which was located about 2 kilometers from my home. I also participated frequently in dungals.

My exams had got over. Those were summer days due to which I preferred working out in the evenings. That day, I worked a bit more extra and till the time I finished, it was nearly 11.30 pm. I got onto my bicycle and started for home. The road was pretty lonely, surrounded by a thick forest. All of a sudden, I heard a woman’s laughter. I stopped my cycle and looked around to see who it was. There was no one! Ignoring the laughter, I started moving ahead. All at once, my cycle went out of control. I could clearly feel someone pushing it hard from behind. I tried looking back to see who it was – but an unknown force pushed me further out of control and I was thrown to the ground.

A shriek passed my lips as I could clearly hear the crack coming from my arm. A sudden pain shot up my head and my vision blurred. I was lying on the ground when I could hear something else apart from the laughter – it was the sound of a ghungroo (a metallic musical anklet worn by Indian classical dancers). I tried locating the source of the sound – I saw two legs approaching me. The legs were covered in haldi (turmeric). They came near me and disappeared!

I was out of my senses. I managed to get up, pick up my bicycle and walked it all the way home. That was the worst one hour of my life. When I reached home, I told this incident to my family. Once of my uncles told me that he had heard tales about a daayan (Indian name for a witch) who haunted that stretch of the road. They were known for luring lonely passers-by and hurting them, similar to what I went through. Not to mention, my family forbade me from going back to that place after dark.

A Personal Encounter by Vikar (Hyderabad, Telangana | Andhra Pradesh). Vikar can be reached at vikar245@rediffm**

Article Name
Attacked by a Daayan (Witch)
The road was pretty lonely, surrounded by a thick forest. All of a sudden, I heard a woman's laughter.

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