Babli : The girl by the Pond

This is a true and unforgettable story that I’m going to remember until my last breath. This happened when I was 14 years and had gone to my village for Holi celebrations in March of that year.

I had gone to my maternal uncle’s (mama) farm in the evening to play with my village friends and after playing everyone returned except me and a little puppy named Sheru. It was getting dark and while playing, I saw a girl aged around 10 to 12, watching us while sitting on a branch of a mango tree inside the farm.

I thought she was also one of the children with whom I had played before. I asked her name and why she didn’t go back with the other kids. She replied saying that her name was Babli and that her stepmother frequently beat her, thus she never liked going back home. After this encounter with Babli, I returned home too.

The next day when I visited the farm I saw Babli at the same place. However, this time she was in a handstand position, meaning that she was standing on her hands while her feet were in the air. This seemed very strange and creepy to me so I went ahead and asked her why she was in a handstand position.

Upon hearing my question, she merely laughed, stood up straight and asked me if I would go with her to her new home. I was taken aback and asked her where this new home was. She silently pointed her fingers towards a nearby pond. I laughed and postured by telling her to go away to her ‘pond home’ or risk getting beaten up by me.

Then, the strangest thing happened. Hearing my funny threat, she got angry and suddenly vanished into thin air!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, felt my knees giving away and fell to the ground for a moment.  Slowly, I gathered my courage and went back home with Sheru. I was filled with fear all along the way.

Once home, I told this incident to my mom and mama who scolded me for staying back alone at that place when everyone else had already left. The bigger shock was when I heard my mama tell me that Babli had died 3 years ago by drowning in the very same pond at the hands of her stepmother!  He also said that there had been numerous sightings of Babli after her death by other villagers.

He also stated that her stepmother had died recently and was now reported to be seen along with her dead stepdaughter at the very same lake! Speak of extremely spooky tales! Past that day, I never found the courage to visit the pond area and I don’t think I ever will.

This was the craziest experience of my life and I pray that it never happens to me or anybody else ever again.

A Personal Encounter by Sunil (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh)

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