A Freaky Night in the Haunted Kasara Ghat on Mumbai Nashik Highway

I love the highways – I like driving through the nights on them – I guess that’s what I am meant for – the ride! But not every journey brings good memories – the one I am gonna tell you is probably the scariest one I have experienced, as of yet.

Let me take you back in June 2010. I was attending a close friend’s wedding in Nashik (I am based in Mumbai). I planned to leave early ()by 6 pm or so) as the wedding was scheduled next morning. However, till the time I finished my work, it was close to 10 pm. Nevertheless, I decided to leave for Nashik – hey, he was my close pal. I picked up one of my friends (more of an acquaintance) and we started at 10.30 pm.

By midnight, we had reached a roadside dhaba (restaurant) and were hogging on a light supper and some cozy chai (tea). My friend started a casual conversation with some fellow truck drivers besides him, especially to find out if there was a petrol pump (gas station) close by. They said there wasn’t – and also warned us to keep ourselves safe and alert. The road was pretty good (in condition) but was notorious at nights. We assumed they were referring to wild beasts or robbers.

Soon, we resumed our journey. Being the month of June, we experienced a few drizzles on our way. By 1.30 am, we reached the Kasara ghat (in India, ghats are routes that go through mountain ranges). The traffic had wore down severely and we could barely count one vehicle passing by every 15 minutes.

I was focussing on my drive, when all of a sudden, my friend tapped me on the shoulder. I looked at him and saw that his face was white with fear and his eyes were wide open (nearly bulging out I would say). He looked at me and pointed out at a tree near the edge of the ghat. This tree – an age old one had it’s branches stretched out all over, mounted by a dense cap of leaves. Few of the branches were resting on the railing (fence) of the road. However, as I looked closer – I saw that wasn’t all it bore –

There was somebody sitting on one of the branches – the branch which rested on the railing (fence). We must have been about 50-70 metres away from the tree. From the headlights of my car – I could make out a white shape of man sitting on the tree. I slowed down my car since I was curious to find out who or what that was. As I reached closed to the tree, I could see that it indeed was a man dressed in a kurta and pajama. I wanted to stop my car to investigate this man – I looked at my friend for a mutual permission – but he was frozen in time.

I pulled my car near the tree. I wanted to stop but that’s when I noticed that the man sitting on the branch did not have a head! My brain froze and my limbs started trembling in fear. I had almost lost control of the slow moving car and was sure I was going into a stroke.

But that’s when my mobile phone rang. After many attempts, I could finally pick it up. It was my buddy (who’s wedding I was going to attend). I picked up his call and got to know that my mom had informed him that I was on my way to his place – he was just checking on us and till where we had reached. At the same moment, I saw a biker coming from behind. He must have seen the thing we saw, because he rode past us at an astounding speed.

Soon, we drove through Kasara ghat and reached Nashik by 2.45 am. As soon as I reached my friend’s place, I narrated this story to him and his father. His father instantly replied that a couple of his friends had experience similar events. It could have been the spirits of poor labourers who were killed during the construction of the tunnels on the road. After being through what I had been and listening to this possible
explanation – I was scared to death.

I am sure people would find it hard (or impossible) to believe what I experienced. I wasn’t drunk, and was in my full senses. I myself wouldn’t have believed it – but now that I am the protagonist, I have every reason to. I researched a bit and found out that many people have experienced encounters similar to mine.

Let me know your thoughts!

P.S. – I don’t drive on highways during nights anymore.

A Personal Encounter by VeerX1 (Maharashtra, Mumbai | Nashik). VeerX1 can be reached at veer_0007@yah*o.com.

IHT saysDear Veer, ghost or no ghost – it’s not wise to travel on isolated roads at night (not even highways), if you are not well equipped or in a group. And it’s definitely not a good idea to stop your car in order to investigate a supposed ghost. Speaking of that thing – it could have been a Munja – although Munjas are known to hang upside down from trees – and they definitely have their heads on. Nevertheless, please stay away from taking more risks. Stay safe and enjoy your drives. 🙂

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A Freaky Night in the Haunted Kasara Ghat on Mumbai Nashik Highway | Photo
I was focussing on my drive, when all of a sudden, my friend tapped me on the shoulder. I looked at him and saw that his face was white with fear and his eyes were wide open...

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