Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is is a user-generated content repository of personal encounters, myths and legends and fiction related to paranormality, and which may have primary reference to India.

What kind of content do you publish?

We publish stories, photographs & videos that our users have submitted. We also publish user-submitted reviews of movies, books, etc. that are related to paranormality.[/accordion-item]

Do you claim that ghosts are real?

Who are we to claim? We don’t say ghost exists, neither deny their existence. Our users simply share their experiences or write stories that involve ghosts. Even if ghosts do exists, we would recommend not to go anywhere close to them. Instead, just enjoy the goosebumps and move on.

Are you a paranormal investigation team?

LOL! We are definitely not one – we are simply compiling spooky tales from across the country (and beyond). As of now, we do not plan to begin our ghost hunting enterprise.

What if somebody gets a heart attack while browsing through your website?

We have very strict ‘Terms of Reading/Use‘ of content on our website. People visiting our website indirectly accept our terms. And yes – heart attacks aren’t covered by us.

Why does a user need to register on your website?

So that he can avail complete benefits of what we offer – only registered users can submit content, post comments, participate in events amongst other offered services.

How do I trust you guys with my personal information?

We have a very strict Privacy Policy, that ensures utmost respect to your PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

How do I share my stories, photos & videos?

Through the ‘Submit your Spook’ page. We are in the process of allowing users to make submissions through their account.

What about the rights over my content?

We share rights with you. We use your content to enhance our scope, promote our website and associated efforts. You are free to use it further too. However, we do not accept content that you have already published somewhere, and are unable to prove that it’s your creation.

How do I edit or delete my submission?

Just use the ‘Contact Us‘ form to get back to us.

I find a particular article, photo or video inappropriate towards an individual, event, community or belief system. What do I do?

Without further thought, just use the ‘Contact Us‘ form to inform us. We hate content that hurts anybody as much as you do.

One of your users has stolen content, graphics or video from my website and posted it here. What do I do?

Plagiarism? We are 99.99% sure we have checked for it. Apologies if we have missed it. Please us the ‘Contact Us‘ form to inform us about the event, citing the page link and references to your website. We will remove the stuff at the earliest.

What kind of events do you host?

We are planning to host events like campfires (people sitting around at a nice cozy outdoor location, telling spooky tales), adventure trails and amateur ghost hunts. When it comes to safety – we never compromise. Each of our events would be hosted in a publicly safe location
and would not involve or promote any kind of risks.

Aren’t you promoting a negative impression of India?

Definitely not! India has always been known for it’s centuries old mysticism. The land is practically a treasure trove of myths and legends. We are simply exploring the paranormal fragment of this treasure. Trust us – we are simply doing it for entertainment purpose.