Haunted House in Dev Nagar, New Delhi

My experience is a true encounter with the unexplained. Although my parents haven’t ever shared these experiences with anyone, this is the first time this story is being shared.

I am now 44 years old. As a 16 year old and the only son of my parents in 1984, my family shifted from a flat in Janakpuri, New Delhi to a type 5 Government quarters in Dev Nagar area of New Delhi.

As my mom and I were used to living in a flat we were reluctant to shift base to the new place. However, my dad was inclined to make this move due to the perks of it being huge in space, having an early 19th century European style. The house also had servant quarters and a garden.

My first impression of the house was amazing. It was quite huge, had two large bathrooms, 3 huge rooms, a big garden, etc. There were four such houses on the block. Our neighbours in the opposite house were an old Bengali couple who lived alone after having lost their children in an accident.

The next door neighbours had gone on a vacation while the fourth house was unoccupied. The strange thing about this unoccupied house was that its garden had a lot of perished vegetables and fruits, as if someone had left the house in a hurry.

Within a few days of moving to the new place, we visited our old neighbours who now lived in the same Dev Nagar area. Surprisingly, they knew the Bengali family that lived opposite our new home and told us about how their son had recently died in a tragic car accident. Upon hearing this, my parents decided to pay a visit to these neighbours.

Amidst a conversation with the Bengali couple, they informed us that the unoccupied fourth house had recently witnessed the death of a young girl (same age as me) due to illness and the parents of that girl couldn’t bear to live in the same house owing to the tragic memories and had left in a hurry. Hearing such stories right on the heels of shifting to a new place wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. They further mentioned that the girl’s body was kept in the same house before cremation.

The first night at our new home passed by without any incident, but the second night, the lights turned on by themselves. This strange light incident was never solved. For two consecutive days, the bedroom lights turned on. Initially, we assumed it was a loose connection or some problem with the switches. However, when this happened the next night, my mom and I were terrified and couldn’t sleep the entire night.

The second incident took place a week after the shifting. The bedroom door would get knocked randomly and upon opening, no one would be there. This would go on every night for a month or so for which we didn’t find any explanation other than it being some stray dogs banging against the door. How could these dogs do it continuously at the same place at the same time on the same door?

The third incident, about 15 days later, took place when we were conducting some repair work and my mother’s nose ring disappeared. She had been wearing and found it to be missing in the midst of all the mess. We searched everywhere and even went to the local police station as it was located at a yard’s distance. We asked the contractor to personally check and search as it was an expensive diamond nose ring.

One night, while closing the door we found it lying behind the door (the same one which was being knocked randomly) but the surprising thing was that the nose ring was attached to its bolt, and if the ring had simply fallen off her nose, it shouldn’t have been accompanied by the bolt. Also, if a person had taken it why would they bother to screw it and put it there instead of simply taking it away as there was no chance of it being traced.

Apart from these incidents, things kept getting lost without any reason. Things like money, books, etc. which we were sure had been kept in a particular place and would still disappear without a trace.

As we are conservative South Indians, we conducted a major puja following which these incidents stopped except for a few sporadic incidents later on.

Some time had passed and our next door neighbours returned. They told us that our house was cursed, and that either the head of the family or someone related dies and also the family gets divided. This also happened to us as after that year I was had to attend college elsewhere and as someone experiencing epilepsy attacks, my mother was forced to stay with me while my father stayed in the same house as he was a government servant and he had a permanent base in Delhi.

This continued from 1984 to 1997 in which i and my mother were forced by circumstances to stay away from that house as I got a job in Chennai. During this time I had raised a cat as a companion to my mom and I. We took her to the ill-fated house in 1997, as my father was about to retire and we had to vacate the house in May 1998. On an uneventful day in January of 1998 my cat went out for her morning walk and was found dead outside the walk adjacent to the gate.

Till this day her death cannot be explained. We felt like one of our family members had died. We left the place in May 1998 with a heavy heart as we could never explain what caused my cat mysterious death as she was healthy and not even a single scratch could be found on her body.

After leaving that house we learnt that the whole area was being renovated and the houses were being torn down. I visited the house last after i got married in 2002 and found it to be in ruins, almost like a forest and learnt we were the last people to have lived there.

I can never forget those frightening experiences in that fateful house.

A Personal Encounter by R. S. Raghavan (New Delhi)

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