The Return of the Dracula by Gautam Mirchandani

Do you believe in Dracula? The Prince of darkness? Hold on! I am not referring to any movie of this name. I am asking you about the real Dracula?

Count Dracula. The man who changes into a bat at the stroke of mid-night and sucks the blood of another human beings.

What? What did you say, that there is no such thing? No Dracula. It is all fiction made up! A figment of the human imagination eh?

These were exactly my words at one time, till I saw the whole thing with my own eyes.

Believe me, it is no joke. Count Dracula does exist. He is very much alive and still doing his dastardly deeds, killing innocent people for their blood and making them like him.

No more. I swear on the HOLY BIBLE. That his end has come, he shall do no more killing and make people like him. And he shall pay for all his crimes on this universe and he shall redeem and ask for forgiveness. Which shall not be given to him. This I swear and take an oath, that I will not rest till the King of Evil is dead and buried.


Hans Rutherford closed his private diary. The newspapers had written yesterday that a man had been found dead at the foothills of the Bavarian mountain. The only strange thing about the dead person had been that he had been sucked to dead. Not a single ounce of blood was found within his body!

People speculated on the dead and soon rumors made the rounds. That the man had been attacked by Dracula, that the evil thing had returned.

Fifteen days had passed after the incident and the small town of Mienz was tense for some news which was not-forth-coming. The people waited with bated breath, for everyone knew that some thing was going to happen. But no one knew when and where?

Hans waited too. He knew many things about the evil. One that the local one did not know. Fifteen days had passed till a full moon had rose into the dark night. Hans knew tonight was the night, when Dracula shall come and tonight he shall die.

Hans looked out of the window in the dark night. A soft breeze rose and rustled away, every thing was quiet and still!.

He will come, he must come, for his death is written in this town. Hans thought.

All over Mienz people retreated for the night. They had silent prayers on their lips as they went to bed. One by one the lights went out and darkness descended on the land.

But not all of them slept. Hans stood at the side of his room’s window, peering out into the darkness. The time had come, he must get ready for the thing.

He looked round the room one last time, his bed looking invitingly at him, but he had no time to rest, the work must be done to-night. Otherwise he will have to wait another fifteen days for the full moon night. Time was short. The deed must be completed before dawn or the son of Satan will be able to escape.

Hans looked out of the window once again. The town of Mienz lay spread in front of him. Quiet and silent. Hans sighed, looked out of the window. One more time and then he leaped out of the open window. He hurtled downwards, towards the ground in a rapid speed. For a minute his heart desired to be dashed to death against the ground, then with a small moan of pain, he stopped in mid-air and took on the form of a bat and with a rapid turn rose into the cool night and headed for the town of Mienz.

A full moon loomed behind him……….

A Short Fiction by Gautam K. Mirchandani (Maharashtra, Mumbai). You can read more such amazing stories by the author at Gautams Blog – STOP HERE!

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The Return of the Dracula by Gautam Mirchandani
The newspapers had written yesterday that a man had been found dead at the foothills of the Bavarian mountain.

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