Spooky experience on Fort Songadh

Hello Everyone – my name is Shriramchandra Chauhan. I belong to Songadh, a town in the Tapi disctrict of Gujarat. The story I am going to narrate happened with me and my friends.

There is a Hanuman (a Hindu God) temple locally as ‘Rokadia Hanumanji Mandir‘, about 3 kilometers north of my house. The temple is a local tourist destination, and is very crowded on weekends. One Saturday, I, along with my friend decided to walk to the temple. We started at around 5.15 pm and reached the temple by 6. We took darshan (blessings) , and applied the holy sindoor (vermilion) on our foreheads.

When we started back, it was nearly 6.30, and pretty dark. We were alone on the road and had covered almost 2 kilometers. We were singing Bollywood songs and were quite merry, when, all of a sudden – we heard a high pitched scream of a lady coming from behind us.

We turned behind and saw a woman running frantically towards us. Four ladies were running behind her, trying to catch and control her. Finally, they caught hold of her and one of those ladies tied herself to that woman, with the help of her dupatta (a long scarf worn by a woman over her head) and began escorting her ahead. We ignored the scene and went a bit ahead when we heard another commotion. We looked back and found that the frantic woman had pulled the helping lady on the ground and was screaming out loudly. Only this time, she was speaking in two voices at once (a man and a woman, similar to the ‘voice of the legion’).

Her voice scared the hell out of us. By now, people had started pouring in at the scene, and helped the woman to her house, which was nearby. The scariest part was when she passed by us – she looked at us with her bloodshot eyes, talking to herself. I can still remember that creepy look.

So anyway, some of the passersby asked us as to what had happened, after which we gave them a detailed account of what we saw. Some of the neighbors joined in too – and told us that the woman had been possessed by seven spirits, and only recently been exorcised by a local tantrik – but it looked like the spirits hadn’t left her completely.

Later that evening, we discussed this incident with my friends, they made a lot of fun out of it – and even asked us why the spirits didn’t catch us! For some reason, my hand automatically went to my forehead, where the holy sindoor was applied! If at all those were evil spirits we witnessed, then I’m absolutely sure that it was Hanumanji who had saved us from them.

A Personal Encounter by Shriramchandra Chauhan (Gujarat, Tapi, Songadh). Shriramchandra can be reached at chauhanshriram@ym**l.com

Article Name
Spooky experience on Fort Songadh
We turned behind and saw a woman running frantically towards us. Four ladies were running behind her, trying to catch and control her.

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