Submission Guidelines

Definition –

Submission refers to any piece of content (textual, graphic, multimedia or a combination of these) that a user submits to This content is generally a personal encounter, information about a local myth or legend, spiritual experience, fictional stories and so on.

We have a very strict policy of rules that govern the incoming content. We need to be strict because of the sensitive elements associated with the content and in the interest of our global audience. Hey – we like to read good stuff, right?

A. What can you submit –

You can submit content, graphics and videos which center on one or more of the following
areas –

1. Paranormal sightings or ghost hunting expeditions.
2. Local myths and legends, including narrations and interviews of witnesses.
3. Spiritual experiences like near death experiences, past life regression, etc.
4. Short stories or novels of fictional nature.
5. Reviews of movies, books or other media related to paranormality.
6. Discussions on related topics, including podcasts.

B. What you cannot submit –

1. Anything that you have not written, or have copied from somewhere and do not have a right to use.
2. Copyrighted content, imagery or multimedia.
3. Content containing excessive (and unwanted) levels of threat, profanity or violence.
4. Content sensitive towards a person, event, community or belief system.
5. Content unrelated to the scope of this website.

C. What kind of media do we accept –

1. Something that you have created/recorded – photographs, videos, animations or creative illustrations.
2. Something that you haven’t created but have the right (through accessibility, mutual understanding or nature of license associated) to use in your content. In this case, appropriate references need to be linked to the media file(s).

D. What kind of media do we reject –

1. Files that do not have a universal file format and may have issues while converting or viewing. We recommend you to opt for known file formats for graphics and video files.
2. Media that is irrelevant to the scope of the website.
3. Media that contains excessive (and unwanted) levels of violence, profanity or threat.
4. Media that intends to challenge or hurt the sentiments of a person, event, community or belief system.

E. Which category should you chose for your submission?

1. Encounters – Anything that has happened with you, or a friend or family member.
2. Myths and Legends – Articles that focus on certain places, supernatural myths or related topics.
3. Short Fiction – Short stories that are spooky, and are partially or completely fictitious in nature.
4. Novels – Fictitious stories that are long enough to be separated into chapters.
5. Spiritual – Topics that are supernatural, yet not spooky. Visit from a dead relative, past life regressions, near death experiences (NDEs), and so on.
6. Global Horror – Stories that are based out of India.
7. Reviews – Reviews of movies, books or TV series that are based on supernatural themes.
8. Thinking – Discussion on whats, hows and whys behind paranormal phenomena.
9. Other – Anything else that doesn’t fit in the above categories, and still remains within the scope of this website.

F. Content & Media limits –

1. Content – 300-900 words for blogs and short stories, 600-900 words for each chapter of your novel.
2. Media – 10 MB per file (with a limit of 4 attachments per submission). No limit for externally hosted file (video on Youtube, etc.)

G. Tags –

1. Tags are required to appropriately index your submission for relevant queries.
2. Use best-fit tags for the best outcome – for e.g., an article on “Bhangarh Fort” can contain tags like ‘Bhangarh Fort‘, ‘Rajasthan‘, ‘Haunted Forts‘ and so on…
3. Give priority to geographic tags viz. ‘Name of State’, ‘Name of City’, ‘Name of Monument’, etc. Do not forget to use the ‘Name of Country’ tag if your submission is about something that happened overseas.

H. Important things to keep in mind –

1. We give priority to content that’s written/recorded in clean English, is free of grammatical and construction errors, and is well communicated to the end reader.
2. If your content is writter/recorded in Hindi or any other regional languages, please enclose a translation (or include subtitles in case of audio/video). This helps the global audience to understand your submission.
3. In case your content/media contains mature levels of violence, profanity or is of a mildly sensitive nature, kindly ensure that you include a disclaimer at the beginning.
4. Compress your images and videos so that a broader segment of readers or viewers would be able to enjoy it.
5. Keep a neutral tone of communication – helps appeal to readers globally.
6. If you are writing a novel in parts – please sequence your chapters appropriately; also announce the approximate date of arrival of the next chapter. This helps the readers plan
ther wait accordingly.

I. Edits –

1. Yes – we do edits to your content to enhance it grammatically, or in terms of construction or presentation. We also need to chop off parts that are either irrelevant or do not comply with the guidelines. However, we try our best to preserve the theme of your
2. Media files are edited to remove unacceptable parts. We watermark submitted images and videos so that they aren’t stolen or misused.
3. Files are compressed in order to enhance user experience.

Submissions that do not comply with these guidelines cannot be accepted. Also, these guidelines change from time to time, and we request you to check this page periodically.


Happy Haunting,

Last Edited : December 3, 2014.