Supernatural Premonitions

I have many encounters with the paranormal and wish to share it with people and by accident I came across this site.

I have grown up in an environment where encounters with ghosts, haunted spirits, magic and occult are accepted with a pinch of salt. But even as a child I had no doubt that these things existed. However, whenever I spoke about them, I was always scolded.

One of the recurring things that happened to me was that whenever I visiting some place, I would experience deep sadness and presence, although I could not see anything.

When I was 9 years old, my mom’s uncle passed away and we had gone to his funeral. On the 10th or 11th day after his death, in my dream I saw him standing on the verandah of the house looking at his wife with deep sadness. I immediately identified the sadness I had felt many times before. I didn’t speak about this dream to anyone.  After a few days, his wife narrated a dream in which she saw him in veranda, feeling sorry for the misery he had created for her.

I was not at an age to comprehend anything beyond that but I knew what I was sensing was not my imagination as my mother said. There were several encounters following that, where I learnt to distinguish between myself and feelings I was experiencing. As I grew up I was curious and had many questions regarding these incidents. At first I was hesitant but later I met people who welcomed my questions and helped me understand these things better.

I don’t believe in the whole ‘ghosts wearing white sarees, having long open hair’ or any such cliches. I agree with the ‘Sixth Sense’ movie, that ghosts are people who have not been able to make the transition in their afterlife.

I would also like to share an incident that was really scary. One evening, I was on the railway station waiting for a coolie (a person who carries your luggage for a fee) as I had large luggage bags. I was suddenly filled with thoughts of people trying to climb running trains and falling down on the tracks and dying. I simply could not stop these morbid thoughts, so I started praying hard to stop them and I heard someone whispering, “Help” and nothing more. It made my hair rise I was scared out of my wits.

In the meanwhile, on the platform, a train which had halted for a long time now started to move slowly and one man started to run to catch it and I was simply froze because of my earlier premonitions.

While boarding the train, he lost his footing and was caught in the gap between the train and the platform and started screaming “Help!” We rushed to his aid and somehow pulled him out. Luckily, he escaped without any major injuries but was scared out of his senses after such a close encounter with possible death.

I cleaned his scraps, gave him water and then other people took over. It was then that I felt an angry presence directed towards me. It made me tremble and I tried to calm myself and pray. Finally I found a coolie and moved away from that place.

I firmly believe that the paranormal and ghosts do exist, but not in the form that popular fiction, TV and movies depict them to us. I have several other experiences that I will share later.

This story is narrated by Maitreyee

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