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There is someone living up there – Hindi Ghost Story

नमस्कार – मेरा नाम चन्दर है। मै गाजियाबाद जिले के एक गाँव का वासी हूँ, और पिछले कुछ सालों से नौकरी की वजह से नॉएडा में रह रहा हूँ। यह कहानी उस वक़्त की...

Chudail (Witch) of the Well 0

Chudail (Witch) of the Well

I was a chronic coward, not now but at least in my childhood. Once, I went to my mom’s village (Mandawar, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh). As I was a small kid just 7 or maybe...

Babli : The girl by the Pond 0

Babli : The girl by the Pond

This is a true and unforgettable story that I’m going to remember until my last breath. This happened when I was 14 years and had gone to my village for Holi celebrations in March...