Terms of Reading/Use

What is IndianHorrorTales.com?

IndianHorrorTales.com is a user-generated content based repository of myths, legends, fiction and encounters of supernatural nature, that may or may not have direct or indirect relation to India, either geographically, culturally or otherwise.

What we are NOT?

We are not a platform that intends to publish/promote content of superstitious nature. We are not here to tell people that there ARE ghosts around you – we are simply publishing content shared by our users in which a possibility of supernatural existence is proposed. We don’t promote the idea of a concrete existence of supernatural elements – we simply say that there MIGHT BE something out there – and if at all there is – just enjoy the chills and move on.

Definition of Users –

Users are people who visit IndianHorrorTales.com (either in guest mode or as a registered member) and view the textual, photographic or multimedia content offered by the website. Our user is not restricted by any geographical, religious or belief boundaries – our website is open to one and all.

Nature of Content –

We offer user-generated content in the form of personal encounters, myths, legends or creative writing which have either a fictional, non-fictional or semi-fictional basis. This content is delivered in textual, image, multimedia (video, animations, etc.) or a combination of these.

Apart from content, the website also hosts Question-Answers forum for public use. We are in the process of hosting get-togethers for interested members in order to share thoughts and experiences. These get-togethers would be hosted in the form of outings and the nature of each would be informed about in prior.

Although IndianHorrorTales.com tries to neutralize/reject content of contradictory nature, it does not endorse or vouch for any content submitted by the user, or any consequences arising from the same. We are not an authority over the claims made by the content submitted by our users.

Our content is edited, or in some case – rewritten for contextual, grammatical or thematic enhancement. However, none of the efforts intend to manipulate the primary plot or message associated with the user-generated contribution.

Content Disclaimer –

The content published on our website comes from user-generated content (UGC). This content does not intend to hurt or challenge the sentiments of any person, community, religion or belief system. Although our content is thoroughly screened so as not to cause discomfort to anyone, we request everyone to consider our content as a work of creative origin meant for entertainment purpose only. Any resemblance to actual person or events may be a mere co-incidence.

Responsibilities of a user –

You become a user of IndianHorrorTales.com the moment you arrive on any landing page of the website (through other websites, social bookmarks or advertisements) or manually enter any page within this website. A user becomes a registered user once he fills up the registration form or any other contact form on the website. Both kind of users are bound by the following terms and guidelines and becoming a user of the website automatically mandates you to accept the following terms –

1. You are solely responsible for reading or viewing any form of content published on this website – either in textual, graphic, multimedia or a combination of these forms, and the psychological, cultural, belief or any other form of consquences arising after viewing the content on this website. We would recommend you to leave our website the moment any piece of content disturbs or discomforts you. We are not liable for consequences (events, actions, etc.) arising because of the content published on our website.

2. You understand and accept that this content is primarily meant for entertainment purpose and does not endorse/promote the facts or thoughts reflected within.

3. You are bound to respect the integrity, privacy and actuality of the website and its users (both readers and registered users) of this website and must not trigger, undertake or support any action that may lead to the disruption or disturbance to these foundational rights. You understand that such actions will make you liable to be blocked from further access to the website, and if required – can call for legal proceedings against you. Any contribution (content wise) made by you would be thenceforth removed from our server. IndianHorrorTales.com has each and every right to block you from further access to the website, without any form of justification.

4. You agree not to spam our website or associated channels, or promote any content that is irrelevant to the scope of the website. Such an action will make you liable to be blocked from further access to the website, and if required – can call for legal proceedings against you. Any contribution (content wise) made by you would be thenceforth removed from our server.

5. You are responsible for the content (textual, graphic or multimedia) submitted by you, and the consequences arising out of the publishing of this content. You agree that the content can be edited, or in some case – rewritten for contextual, grammatical or thematic enhancement. If a user agrees, his contact details can be shared along with his contribution. The website shall not be responsible for consequences arising out of sharing your contact details. You agree that the website has the authority to accept or reject any content submitted by you, and is not liable to provide a justification for the same.

6. Any form of content submitted by you becomes a combined intellectual property between you and IndianHorrorTales.com. The website can use your content for generating traffic, promoting events or any related action. You agree to share rights for your content.

7. You agree with our Privacy Policy. You also agree to let us store your Personally identifiable information (PII) to personalize your experience, intimate you about upcoming events and to notify you about anything that you have asked for. We also need this information for any arising socio-legal issues.

8. You pledge to honor the integrity of the website, its users and associated channels. Any action that challenges this integrity will be dealt with very strictly and can call for legal proceeding, as and how required.

Use of content –

The content published on this website is the sole/combined property (as and how applicable) of the website, along with the contributors. Copying or using this content (in text or html formats) without the written consent of the authorities is strictly prohibited and legal actions would be initiated against violators.

IndianHorrorTales.com allows the use of snippets (limited to 100 words) from each article for use as abstracts, references or promotions by interested users. However, these snippets must be combined with an acknowledgement (to the website) and backlink pointing to the relevant landing page and/or the homepage of IndianHorrorTales.com

The terms mentioned in this documentation can change from time to time and updates would be conveyed to the users through appropriate channels. It is however recommended to check this page periodically to stay updated with our Terms and conditions of reading/use.

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Last Modified – December 3, 2014.