The little girl on the loft

Hello friends – I am Ishwaran, and I come from a small village in Thrissur district of Kerala. As a kid, I was always fond of reading and listening to ghost stories. The story which I am going to tell you today happened during my childhood – I think I may be around 7 or 8 at that time.

My father, along with two of his brothers owned a small shop in our village that sold vegetables and grocery items. We also had a piece of land where my father and uncles did farming. Being a part of a joint family, we were almost 15 siblings living together in our ancestral home. We had a lot of fun together – we were in the same school (actually, there was just one school in our village), we played together, and every night after dinner, we used to listen to stories from our grandparents. During winters, we used to light a campfire and have dinner around it. After dinner, we used to listen to these stories. Occasionally, my grandfather would tell us spooky stories that he had heard, or had experienced. At that time, we had never seen a ghost, or didn’t even understand what it meant – but listening to those stories gave us goosebumps.

Soon, my father and uncles decided that it was time that we expanded our business – being in a village, our shop had very less customers. Although we did make sufficient money – it was time we looked at a better opportunity. All in all, it was decided that we set up another shop in the nearby Chavakkad taluk, and my father can look after it. A month later, my father, mother and I moved to Chavakkad, where the three brothers had rented a shop, which had two rooms attached to it, which we lived in. This place was located in the heart of the town, right on the main road, due to which our shop was very successful, and my father made a lot of money. My mother helped him run the shop while I attended a school close by.

Our house consisted of two rooms above the shop, which were connected by an iron staircase behind the shop. The rooms were pretty high and had a sloping roof. The windows were pretty small, due to which the rooms used to be dark, even during the day. There was a small balcony attached to the hall (living room), where I used to stand every day and watch the people and vehicles on the road.

Being used to a living in a big family, I used to get very lonely in this house. There weren’t many kids living in our block, which is why I spent most of my time alone, while my mother and father looked after the shop.

This happened on a Sunday afternoon. I had just had my lunch and as usual, was standing in the balcony, looking at the main road. Suddenly, I could hear footsteps coming up through the iron staircase. I assumed it was my mother, since father was out for some work. The footsteps stopped and I looked back. To my surprise – there was no one! However, I didn’t give it much thought. The same afternoon, while I was lying on the bed – I heard sounds as if somebody in the next room was tearing papers. A bit scared, nevertheless, I went inside – there was no one!

That evening – I narrated this story to my mother. She just laughed at me and said that I was getting too lonely and that my mind was making up all this things. I agreed, and went to sleep.

The next day – one of my uncles came to visit us, along with my two sisters, and a cousin. I was very happy – we played all day, and had dinner together. Then we went to sleep. In the middle of the night, a sound woke up. It was the same sound of someone walking up the stairs. I woke up and began looking at the corner (from where the stairs reached up). In the dark, I could see the figure of a small girl with loose hair standing in the corner. I assumed it was my younger sister – I yelled at her, “Meena – what are you doing there?

To this – the girl got frightened and ran down the stairs. Frantically, I woke up to run behind her – and then I looked at my side. Both my sisters and my cousin were sleeping in the corner!

Over the next couple of days – I heard the footsteps a lot of times, and even saw this girl again one night. I was really scared and even tried telling mother and father about it. However – both of them were pretty tired with their routines and kept telling me that it was my imagination.

Then one night, I was asleep, when a sound woke me up. It came from the loft above me – it was as if someone was crawling. Scared, I woke up and stared at the loft, trying hard to see in the dark – and then I saw her! A little girl – maybe 4 or 5 years old was sitting up there – looking directly at me. Her hair was let loose and she had a smile on her face. As I kept looking at her, she began crawling ahead, until she was at the edge of the loft.

I let out a loud scream, as the girl looked at me again and disappeared in front of my eyes. My parents woke up and comforted me, as I kept shouting. Then I narrated them the whole incident. Although my father told me it must be a dream, my mother looked convinced.

I did not see this girl over the next few days. Then one day, our landlord came to visit us for lunch, along with his wife. After having lunch, I sat with my mother as she chatted with the landlord’s wife. The landlord’s wife told my mother that when she lived here, they had a small daughter who died when she was 5 years old, due to typhoid. After hearing this – my mother and I got terrified and looked at each other.

The same day, my mother narrated this story to my father. Although my father somewhat believed it, he stayed firm on the decision that we cannot move out of this place – mainly because the shop was running quite successfully.

We stayed at that place for quite a couple of years – however, I never saw the girl again, ever.

A Personal Encounter by I. R. Asokan (Thrissur | Kerala)

Article Name
The little girl on the loft
This happened on a Sunday afternoon. I had just had my lunch and as usual, was standing in the balcony, looking at the main road. Suddenly…

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