They aren’t our grandsons

Hello everyone, my name is Kunal and the story which I’m going to narrate happened with my Grandpa & Grandma, and I heard it later from my Grandma, when I was about 16 years old.

I belong to Tarapur, now a busy town near Mumbai; but at that time, it was just a small village surrounded by a dense forest. We lived there as a joint family, and our houses were close to each other. Grandma, Grandpa and one of my uncles lived in one house, and my other uncle, along with his wife and two sons (my cousins that is) – Shubham (then 12 years old) and Sushil (then 9 years, he passed away shortly). Our village was pretty isolated from the city, and everything used to go silent by 9 o’ clock in the evening.

That day, my Grandma and Grandma were along at home, since my uncle was working in the night shift (he used to work at TAPS hospital). So, both of them had their dinner and after watching TV for some time, headed off to sleep. At about 1 o’ clock at night, my Grandpa got up, since he needed to pee. In those days, we didn’t have toilets in our houses, and these things need to be sorted outside. So my Grandpa walked out, for about a minute, and what he saw horrified him –

Out in the open, he saw my cousins playing with kanche/gotya (Indian game of marbles) – at 1 a.m. in the night. Grandpa lost his temper, and yelled,”What are you boys doing here in night? Are you guys out of your senses? Do you guys know what time it is?” However, my cousins didn’t pay heed. Getting angry, Grandpa scolded them again – this time, both of them stopped their game, but kept staring at the ground. He got suspicious and scolded them again. This time, both of them looked up at him instantly – the wicked look on their faces scared the hell out of my Grandpa – and their eyes were bloodshot!

They looked at Grandpa and an evil grin spread across their faces. And then, they started laughing mischievously, creating sounds similar to “hya hya hya hya hya hya“. Then, before my Grandpa could understand, both the boys got up and started running towards the surrounding forest. Worried, my Grandpa screamed at the top of his voice,”Come back! Where are you going?“, and started chasing them.

Hearing all the commotion, my Grandma woke up and came out of the house. She saw Grandpa chasing the two boys, who were now running towards a water well located on the outskirts of the village. Grandpa was yelling at the boys, “Don’t go there, it’s not safe“. The moment Grandma saw the entire thing, she understood thatĀ something was wrong… very wrong. She ran behind my Grandpa and pulled him back. She shouted at him, “Don’t go near them, they aren’t our grandsons!” The moment she said this, both the boys looked back at them and started making weird faces while laughing loudly. The next moment, they jumped into the well!

My Grandpa was shocked and confused at the same time. Grandma told him, “See, didn’t I tell you they weren’t our grandsons?” Grandpa was still confused, so Grandma took him to my other uncle’s place. She knocked on the door, and my aunty came out. Grandma asked her where both my cousins were. To my Grandpa’s utter disbelief, aunty told them that both the boys were sleeping inside. Grandpa even went ahead and confirmed this fact.

I have heard this encounter from my Grandma so many times, still, even today, it brings goosebumps.

A Personal Encounter by Kunal (Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai | Tarapur). Kunal can be reached at kiddyout@gm*i*.com

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They aren't our grandsons
Our village was pretty isolated from the city, and everything used to go silent by 9 o' clock in the evening.

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