Welcome to the all new IndianHorrorTales.com

Greetings, Namaste and Welcome to the all new IndianHorrorTales.com!

Before everything else, let me apologize for snoozing down for months. But believe me – we weren’t totally asleep .. there were things going on in the background – working out a good way to compile everything together, what kind of content to offer, what features to serve, and so on…! It was not a good picture back there.

But all that is history – let me officially welcome you to the all new website of your own IndianHorrorTales – Hurrah! The new website will be even more fun – lots to read, see and hear – lots to share and discuss – and more.

For now, the website just offers a couple of user-submitted articles. There’s at least 50 more lying in my inbox, which I need to rewrite. The website also hosts spooky videos and discussions. Going ahead, we are working on creating a photo sharing feature that will enable us all to share spooky pics that we have taken. Also arriving shortly would be the ‘Events’ section, which would list IHT hosted events – campfires, adventure treks and spooky parties. So while you enjoy reading what we have, we will be working on making your experience more enthralling.

I know the website has a primitive theme – we are still working on it. Till then – please bear with us.

Another important feature that we have added is podcasts. We plan to host weekly podcasts that discuss various paranormal encounters, myths and legends or related stuff. What’s more, you can share your own podcast and we’ll post it here.

Oh yes – now that we have scaled-up a bit and are welcoming global audience, we have buckled up our ‘Terms of Reading/Use’ and ‘Submission Guidelines’. We need to do this in order to maintain the quality of content that we offer to you. Also, we are making it mandatory for folks to register with us before submitting articles (or media), posting comments, participating in discussions and so on. So go ahead and create an account – we have a horde of surprises planned exclusively for you.

Phew – that was a long one. But now that the website’s all up, we request you to bookmark us since we would be migrating content from the blog very soon (but yes, the blog will remain)! And yes – don’t forget to connect with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels.

What next? Grab your blankets and read the spooks we have published. Till then, let us get the first ever podcast ready.

Happy Haunting!

Team IHT.

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